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Immersion Montessori School runs the after school programs at Mount Lebanon Elementary and Hanover Street School for the 22-23 Academic Year.  IMS programs will run from 3:15-6pm Monday through Friday through the remainder of the school year. Tuition for this 5-day program is $350/month. Tuition includes daily snack and project materials. 


This Montessori-inspired program is based on an evidence-based curriculum that has a strong emphasis on foreign language acquisition, diversity, multiculturalism, nature exploration, movement based learning, personal/ interpersonal development, and multidisciplinary hands-on learning experiences. The Montessori classroom is set up with materials for the students to engage in independently or in small groups. The Montessori guides facilitate lessons and allow the students to explore their interests and work at their own pace. The materials are rotated on a regular basis and encompass the domains of mathematics, language arts, history, sciences, practical life, and sensorial learning.  In addition to the shelves with material from the aforementioned domains, a library will be available for independent reading. 

For questions regarding the program, including financial assistance, please contact IMS at (603) 322-3339 or  

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