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Led by Dr. Laura Golnabi, the Higher Education and Research Team at Immersion Montessori School plays a critical role in advancing our educational mission. By integrating innovative teaching methodologies with robust research, we ensure a comprehensive and effective learning experience for our students.

At Immersion Montessori School, we believe that every experience is an opportunity to grow, learn, and innovate. Our Higher Education and Research Team is committed to a philosophy where research meets practice, blending various educational approaches to create a nurturing and challenging environment.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of educational innovation, where our research-informed practices not only teach but also inspire our students and community. We strive to prepare our students for a world that values creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.

Key Functions of Our Team

  • Curriculum Development and Alignment: We continuously refine our curriculum, rooted in the Montessori methodology, to incorporate active, experiential, and nature-based learning approaches. Our team ensures that these methods align with both the developmental needs of our students and the latest educational research.

  • Research-Driven Teacher Training: Our team is responsible for the training and ongoing professional development of our educators. We equip them with the latest pedagogical strategies and insights, particularly in Montessori and language immersion methodologies, ensuring high standards of teaching and learning.

  • Family Forums: Bridging School and Home: Our family forums are more than just informational meetings; they are opportunities for parents to understand and engage with our research-backed educational practices. These forums help families extend the benefits of our methods into the home environment, creating a cohesive and supportive learning experience for our students.

  • Behavioral Support and Guidance: A significant aspect of our work involves behavioral support. We develop strategies and provide resources for our educators to effectively support students' behavioral and socio-emotional needs, ensuring a nurturing and respectful learning environment.

  • Monitoring and Enhancing Student Progress: We closely monitor student development, applying research-based insights to tailor our educational approach. This enables us to provide a personalized and effective learning journey for each student.

  • Flow Learning Center: This team has founded a learning center for elementary through adult levels for various subjects. Instruction methodologies at this center are based on flow in education research. To learn more and to sign up for membership for this center click here.

Current Research Projects by the Higher Education and Research Team

1. Flow in the Montessori Classroom

  • This project investigates the concept of 'flow' – a state of deep engagement and concentration – in the Montessori classroom setting. We are examining how Montessori materials and teaching methods facilitate this state and its impact on student learning and development.


2. Language Immersion Montessori Integration in Public Schools

  • Focusing on the integration of language immersion within the Montessori methodology in public schools, this study assesses the outcomes on language acquisition, cognitive development, and overall student performance.


3. Bilingual vs. Full Immersion in Early Childhood Education

  • A comparative study evaluating the effectiveness of bilingual and full immersion language settings in early childhood education. This research is key to understanding which approach is more beneficial for second language acquisition during the crucial early childhood years.

To contact this team, please send an email to

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