About Us

Immersion Montessori School is a New Hampshire licensed child-care center located in West Lebanon, NH. We also offer enrichment opportunities for elementary school students at various locations. 


Our Campus

Located on a large wooded site adjacent to the Alana Cole Conservation Area, our West Lebanon campus offers an immersive experience in nature.  In addition to the unique riverfront outdoor classroom spaces, our students also enjoy a nature-based outdoor play area called Wonder Woods.   


Our Approach

At Immersion Montessori School, we take a holistic approach to the education of our students. Children engage with their natural environment as we promote the balance between their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development. Our goal is to create an environment where children can flourish to their own unique potential.

We provide children with an experience that integrates current research in language acquisition with the Montessori method for early childhood education. That approach enhances growth in independence, emotional intelligence, creativity, cultural awareness, bilingualism, as well as other cognitive benefits linked to both language immersion and the Montessori method. On a cognitive level, our mission is to integrate each child's unique interests into their learning experience while facilitating their development based on corresponding state standards.


It is also our priority that children are involved in many activities going on within our campus. In this way, we strive to educate socially-responsible citizens with a profound sense of community. 

Our Team

Juan Garceran, MA

Founder & Director

Laura Golnabi, PhD

Founder & Director of Education

Brandee Platt

Site Director & Director of Operations

Kafré O'Connell

Assistant Site Director & Enrichment Programs Coordinator

Rachel Ensign

English Guide & School Librarian

Jordan Barney

English Guide & School Artist

Ruth Lindsley

Spanish Guide

Cayleigh O'Connell

English Guide & French Instructor

Xuan Du

Mandarin Guide & Piano Instructor

Darcy O'Connell

Special Activities Instructor

Rachael Collette

Special Activities Instructor

Mike Blatt

Nature Center Instructor

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Immersion Montessori School​

79 E Wilder Rd

West Lebanon, NH 03784

(603) 359-6630


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