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IMS offers a Spanish bilingual elementary program that follows the Montessori Lower Elementary I (ages 6-9) and Lower Elementary II (ages 9-12) curricula.  This program is designed for graduates of our early education program, but admission is open to all students.

Students in this program learn at their own pace in each area of learning, with highly individualized one-to-one and  small group lessons, able to practice to mastery without limitation. Combined with the freedom to move, choose work and projects, and engage with one another, this allows for the natural development of intellect, concentration, self-regulation, social skills, creative problem solving, and a  remarkable balance of independence and responsibility.  

The curriculum for this program includes a broad range of  sciences, mathematics, languages, geography, practical life, movement, music, and the arts.  Through immersion in nature and immersion in community, students are able to explore their world  and passions, and develop to their full potential within an educational experience that nourishes the child's whole being. Students and Guides create a supportive and caring community, through open inquiry, respectful communication, and ongoing socioemotional exploration. 

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